Ben Hoad


Dabbling in Unity


I've been spending time looking into coding in Unity. I got my first taste of game development with an old software package called The Games Factory. It provided a basic engine to create sprites and handles events. Ever since I've wondered what I could achieve with my current skillset - given the last few ReactRiot and Node Knockout entires have been web-based games I felt I kept circling back to games... though, in those cases we opted to build games to get away from the typical coding-comp entires of dev tools that only appeal to a very niche group of people.

Everyone can enjoy games.

Unity piqued my interest for two reasons; the relatively steady learning curve and the export/build options. While there are still some issues and it's not a straightforward process to get iOS/tvOS builds happening, the community is actively patching and extending the codebase.

So far I've completed a few tutorials and I'd highly recommend starting with the Tanks lecture series.

I've also exported my build to WebGL and uploaded to Github Pages. Play Tanks! in your browser